"As an affordable tenant-owned- and operated building, keeping costs to a minimum, but not at the expense of our comfort or safety, has always been a priority of residents here. Working with The NYC Pension Funds, CPC & all of the other private and public housing and financing agencies, we have been able to accomplish that. With these upgrades, we can look forward to living in a more environmentally sensitive and economically sensible building for many more years."

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Willie Mae Anderson

Treasurer of The United Tenants Association of Cathedral Parkway Towers and Manager of Cathedral Parkway Towers

"We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with The Community Preservation Corporation.  Each of your staff members played an important role in restoring our ability to respond to the need for quality, affordable housing in our community."

Sharon Hutchinson, Executive Director, Auburn Housing Authority

“The ongoing development in this region continues to benefit from public-private partnerships, and I would like to thank CPC & HCR, the financing entities from NYS and every partner involved for helping to develop these brand new, high-quality senior apartments.  I appreciate this opportunity to continue to bring affordable homes to the New Windsor region."

Jonah Mandelbaum, President, MJJ Builders Corp/Warwick Properties Inc.

“I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with CPC, the City of Buffalo, and other partners to preserve and renovate this historic landmark and develop such an incredible housing development that will benefit the entire City.  Hotel @ The Lafayette is an excellent example of how quality development is essential to the vitality and continuing growth of Buffalo’s downtown district."

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Rocco Termini, President, Signature Development, LLC

"When people have homes they can be proud of, that pride is reflected in how they keep and treat their neighborhoods. The Community Preservation Corporation and its partners are helping to improve lives and a neighborhood."

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Mount Vernon Mayor Ernest D. Davis

“Amber Grove is an outstanding example of excellence in affordable housing...Congratulations to CPC, Jonah Mandelbaum and the other dedicated public and private partners. Thanks to their collaborative efforts, New Windsor seniors will be able to live independently, comfortably, and with access to the services and amenities they need.”

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HCR Commissioner/CEO Darryl C. Towns

“As a downtown developer working in both Syracuse and Rochester, Franklin Properties looks for partners who share our vision for restoring landmark architecture and creating great places where people want to live. CPC & the Common Retirement Fund have been valuable partners through the years in providing the necessary investment to bring these developments to life.  Our work would not be possible without their support.”

Doug Sutherland, Managing Partner, Franklin Properties

"This project will restore an important landmark to its former beauty while further enhancing the significant investments that are already taking place in western Downtown. I want to thank Rafael Cestero, Doug Sutherland and all the men & women at CPC and Franklin Bevier LLC for helping us draw upon Rochester’s proud heritage to bring new energy and vitality to the Center City.”

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Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren